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About Us

Luoyang Xin Yi Da Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd is specialized in hot dip galvanizing equipment ( line ) design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, technical services, training all in one service company, Is one of the most excellent galvanizing equipment suppliers , has strong technical force and rich production experience. Our galvanized line ( equipment ) design, manufacture completely according to international standards, The component is the worlds top brands, Electrical components such as control systems for the SIMENS, U.S. Honeywell, Mitsubishi, etc.; combustion system for the United States, ECLIPSE, NA, MAXON, DUNGS, Germany KROM other, pretreatment tank for the import PPH board. So far the company has been designing and manufacturing galvanizing line is close to 100, and accumulated a wealth of practical experience, and with Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, the United States, Canada, Australia and other countries to keep in touch with colleagues, to get the most galv… [Detail]



  • Intelligent electronic control system of electric
  • Coal, gas, electric heating drying oven
  • Clean energy gas flat flame burner combustion prop
  • Clean energy gas high speed pulse combustion contr
  • Low heat value gas heating furnace for galvanizing
  • Automatic temperature control of induction heating
  • PLC multi-section crane control system
  • Small pieces of hot dip galvanized full automatic
  • Continuous hot dip galvanizing line
  • Plate of continuous hot galvanizing production lin

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Success Stories

  • Fluxing agent for iron removal equipment at custom
  • Environmental protection type hot galvanizing prod
  • Environmental protection type hot galvanizing prod
  • Semi continuous hot galvanized steel pipe producti
  • Semi continuous hot galvanized steel pipe producti
  • Semi continuous hot galvanized steel pipe producti
  • Automatic temperature control of induction heat ga

Why choose us first

Marketing principles:honesty, justice and interests into account, mutual benefit, rational and harmonious.

Advantage derived from the professional, technical excellence, quality service, perfect, timely, efficient, and thoughtful. the highest cost performance, the same size, same configuration, with the industry's most price, prompt delivery.

Product range, and according to customer special requirements of design, there is always a can meet you.

Free training for the customer technical staff, permanent service guarantee.Strong technical strength, complete quality assurance system to ensure excellent product quality.

China the only home in the industrial furnace development, design, production and business expertise to build industrial furnaces with the metal surface corrosion, corrosion of metal surface treatment equipment, metal surface corrosion intelligent automated production lines and supporting equipment.

Have a full set of hot-dip galvanizing line of advanced technology, professional equipment and a variety of environmental science and technology solutions company, to create green hot-dip galvanizing. Production line, recycling or waste discharge standards, even if the strict requirements of environmental protection areas may also invest and build factories.

Advanced combustion systems and automation systems, advanced technology and equipment, means the lowest zinc consumption, energy consumption, the best product quality, according to customer demand by a team of professionals tailored to optimize the most appropriate technical solutions , the most reasonable design, the most sophisticated cost control strategy to allow customers to spend every dollar value for money savings for customers. At the same time improve customer productivity and reduce the user cost of production. The company's technical staff, through professional technical training. Can provide customers with the world's most advanced process technology and on-site guidance services..

  • Corporate Business License
  • Tax registration certificate
  • Organization code certificate
  • Professional service team
  • Professional technical team
  • Professional service
  • Production workshop appearance
  • Equipment before commissioning
  • Gas furnace for galvanizing workshop
  • Metal corrosion test chamber angle
  • Processing workshop
  • Galvanizing furnace workshop
  • Anticorrosive equipment shop
  • Electrical control cabinet shop
  • The workshop

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